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Services at Fairlane Gardens Nursing and Rehabilitation at Reading in Reading, PA.

Long-Term Skilled Nursing

When your loved one can no longer live independently, a safe, comfortable, and long-term skilled nursing facility is the right choice. The warm and professional care at Fairlane Gardens keeps your loved one safe and secure. Our kind caregivers administer medications and assist with personal hygiene when these daily activities no longer come easily to our seniors. Skilled nurses and therapists are on hand to help with acute and chronic care needs. Everything the kind professionals at Fairlane Gardens do is designed to protect and promote the quality of life of the people we care for. At Fairlane Gardens, seniors stay active, healthy, engaged with activities, and get the support they need.

Short-Term Rehabilitation

Fairlane Gardens delivers post-acute rehabilitation care when you are ready to leave the hospital, but it’s not time to go home yet. Our caring, individualized treatment helps you heal and recover as quickly as possible. Our innovative, customized rehabilitation therapy helps you rebuild strength, functionality, and mobility so you can return home sooner. Individualized rehabilitation plans for a quicker recovery are offered at Fairlane Gardens.

Physical, Occupational, & Speech Therapy

When you need physical, occupational, or speech therapy, Fairlane Gardens has skilled professionals who customize a care plan just for you. Our physical therapy staff can help you regain your functioning and mobility to return to independent living as soon as it’s practical. We also help you improve your fine motor skills through detailed occupational therapy. The occupational and physical therapy offered at Fairlane Gardens has helped hundreds of people regain strength, balance, functioning, and confidence so they could return to their lives, jobs and family. At Fairlane Gardens, top-notch occupational and physical therapy helps you get back in the game sooner.

Stroke Recovery and Cardiac Treatment

At Fairlane Gardens, we specialize in helping you or a family member recover from a stroke. When recovering from a cardiac condition, our treatments will improve your energy and general wellness while reducing your physical limitations and body pain. We understand how challenging coming back from a stroke or major cardiac event can be. This is why we make a detailed recovery plan for every person we treat for these conditions. Our mission is to get you or your loved one back to where they were in terms of health and functioning or as close as possible.

Expert therapists provide personalized treatment for your speedy recovery from a stroke or heart condition.

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